Bringing Music to Life

Started from the bottom now we here. This company was started from humble beginnings. It started out as an outlet for anyone who enjoyed music. CEO and founder Troy Green first began producing instrumentals in his teens. Having no previous knowledge or experience, he began recording some of his close friends.  At the time Troy attended Louisiana State University. During a year studying abroad in Paris, France Troy produced his first mixtape "Round 1". Soon after returning home, he formed the rap group PTC. The group was successful throughout their career performing and producing several albums.  The group eventually dissolved from lack of management. From the ashes came Green Room Productions. The remaining talent, equipment, and resolve has been put into building this production management company. We are dedicated to building the artist. If you’re looking for a professional recording studio to help with your recording needs, we can provide that. Whatever the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with superior quality and service. From the initial ideas to the final product, our team provides guidance and support throughout the entire recording process. If you are an artist with an established fan base and want to book shows, talk to our team about booking, We’ll work closely to understand what you want, and provide our variety of top quality recording equipment, instruments, and studio space for you to use. Stop by for a visit and see what we can do for you